Mid-term management plan

The AGC Group will establish the foundation to achieve the "Vision 2025" by promoting mid-term management plan AGC plus-2020.

Basic Concept to Achieve Management Target

The AGC Group sets the group vision "Look Beyond" as the corporate philosophy on which all the business activities and external activities are founded. Also, in the long-term management strategy "Vision 2025", we design the AGC Group's vision envisioned by the incumbent executives, and the strategy in order to achieve it. Furthermore, we set AGC plus as the incumbent executives' specific management policy based on the group vision, as well as AGC plus-2020 as the mid-term management plan for three years from FY2018 through FY2020 respectively.

About the new mid-term management plan AGC plus-2020

We have established "Vision 2025" and a long-term management strategy to achieve this goal as follows.

The period from 2018 to 2020 is positioned as "a period for laying the foundation to achieve the Vision 2025." The following are the management financial targets, key action items and measures for each business under the new mid-term management plan, AGC plus-2020.

Management financial targets

FY2017 Actual FY2020 Target FY2025 Target
Operating profit 119.6 billion yen 160.0 billion yen
or more
229.2 billion yen
or more
(record high)
ROE 6.1% 8% or more 10% or more
Strategic business contribution ratio 10% 25% or more 40% or more
D/E 0.38 0.5 or less 0.5 or less

Key action items

  • Develop high-value added businesses that do not get affected by market fluctuations
  • Promote growth strategies for strategic businesses
  • Concentrate management resources in growth regions/where we can win
  • Achieve sustainable growth through strategic M&As

Key measures for each business segment

Business segment Key measures

【Building & Industrial glass】

  • Focus on growth regions/where we can win
  • Promote highly functional glass for the upcoming smart-city era


  • Respond to needs for highly functional products designed for eco-friendly cars/automated driving

【LCD glass】

  • Achieve a smooth shift of production to China/larger-size products and further cost reduction


  • In semiconductor-related products & optoelectronic materials businesses, get ahead of the times to provide differentiated products


  • In addition to maximizing the M&A impact, further expand the business base, including capacity increase, in Southeast Asia


  • Steadily capture niche global markets by taking advantage of AGC's unique technologies

【Life Science】

  • Expand the business base by maximizing the effect of M&As

To achieve further growth, in addition to investment in building a stable earnings foundation in our core business, we will seek to seize opportunities from macro trends such as the evolution of traffic infrastructure including automated driving, the full arrival of the IoT and AI era, and longer life expectancies and booming population around the world, etc., to invest aggressively in strategic businesses.

Investment (including M&A) from 2018 to 2020 and total shareholder return and investment breakdown by business segment are as follows.

Through active and well-focused investment, we will aim for the following operating profits by business segment in 2020 as follows.