Three Strategic Business Categories of Research and Development

AGC will provide solutions with
higher added value targeting the categories of
mobility, electronics and life sciences.

AGC Group has a long-term management strategy for 2025 to become a high-profit, global and excellent material manufacturer, with core businesses as solid revenue bases and strategic businesses as growth engines.

In addition to developing existing businesses, we aim for further growth by targeting the three strategic business categories of mobility, electronics and life sciences. AGC has been refining its diverse technical capabilities, and will deepen them even further and actively promote research and development by collaborating with outside organizations and introducing their technologies.


Just like the development of glass antennas which began from scratch 40 years ago, the challenge for AGC to develop glass for mobility that has never existed before is about to begin again.


15 years have been passed since the development of EUV mask blanks started. The dream of the project members, who have devoted themselves to technological development under huge pressure, is finally becoming a reality.


AGC’s biopharmaceutical business, which had restarted with only a few staff, is now able to thrive in the global market exceeding the expectations of those such as the then Director of the Central Research Center who had decided to continue the research activities.