The AGC Group's CSR
For Investors

2. Communication with
Shareholders and Investors

The AGC Group's Approach

Promoting Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Dialogue with Analysts and Institutional Investors

Through AGC Group briefing sessions on its midterm management plan and account settlement, analysts, institutional investors and Group management are given an opportunity to converse directly. The Group also provides online audio streaming of the briefing sessions in both Japanese and English. In June 2019, the Group hosted an information session on the electronics and life science businesses—both denoted Strategic Businesses. In addition, the Group CEO, CFO and other executives regularly visit institutional investors to initiate proactive dialogue.

Financial results briefing
Financial results briefing

Reports Issued to Individual Investors and Shareholders

To help individual investors understand the AGC Group, the Group posts the Company Overview and other materials on its website. AGC participates in IR seminars for individual investors, and also hosts plant tours and AGC studio tours for individual shareholders, which include conversation with the Group CFO. Moreover, in the AGC Review, a pamphlet published biannually for individual shareholders, the AGC Group provides easy-to-understand explanations of its global business activities and products, in addition to information about its management strategies and business performance.

Shareholders and investors information

AGC Review (Newsletter for Stakeholders)

Plant tour for individual shareholders
Plant tour for individual shareholders