The AGC Group's CSR
For Customers and Business Partners

1. Offering Value to Customers

The AGC Group's Approach

Developed in Response to Customers' Concerns, the “UV Verre PremiumTM” Series of Automotive Glass Cuts 99% of UV Rays

The AGC Group conducted interviews of female drivers in parking lots, which brought forth numerous concerns about ultraviolet (UV) rays when driving. For example, the women complained of being sunburnt on their right arm only, and worried about their children's exposure to UV rays in the vehicle's rear seat. In response to these concerns, the AGC Group developed automotive glass that cuts about 99% of UV rays*1 while also blocking infrared rays, the main cause of the scorching sensation of sunburn. Its brands include “Cool VerreTM” windshield glass, “UV Verre Premium Cool onTM” front door glass, and “UV Verre Premium PrivashieldTM" rear door and rear window glass. When used together, these products cut approximately 99% of UV rays entering a vehicle from all directions—a world first*2.

The UV-cutting performance of these products has been recognized both in Japan and around the world. According to measurement standards set by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association, the block rate is equivalent to its highest rankings of SPF50+ and PA++++. Likewise, the products have been certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation, a U.S.-based organization.

For more information, please refer to the “UV Verre PremiumTM” series website

A car equipped with the “UV Verre Premium(TM)” Series of glass windows
A car equipped with the “UV Verre PremiumTM” Series of glass windows
  • *1Based on measurements by AGC and the ISO 9050 standard
  • *2Achieved for single sheets of glass (excluding windshield glass) for the first time in the world as of November 2015, based on a study by AGC

The AGC Group's Approach

Systems for Responding to Customers' Comments and Requests

The AGC Group seeks to provide Customer Satisfaction (CS) by establishing customer centers and customer service windows for specific businesses.
The Building & Industrial Glass Company (Japan) has established a customer center for architectural glass to respond accurately to inquiries from customers in the building industry, as well as regular customers. The Building & Industrial Glass Company (Europe) also produces websites for customers in multiple local languages.

Also, the Chemicals Company has created inquiry forms on its website in 10 languages. A system is established to automatically forward inquiries accepted through these forms to the most qualified specialist available, depending on target business, product and region of the sender, and a timely response is sent to them.

Building glass customer service center in Japan
Building glass customer service center in Japan